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This month is nearly over, and I am nearly done, finally completed the Products that will save my life.  Hopefully, the Themes will save many other lives, at the minimum help enrich their personalities, enhance their spirits, building their character traits  that best reflects their ideologies, beliefs and perceptions. 

I’ve had a most hectic month, nothing worked, my Security system found a virus on my computer.  Now, how bad can things get.  I read in the Times, where a Credit Card company closes an old Women’s credit card account for inactivity.  I was heart broken, the old women have no family or friends.  I sent the women a money order for twenty five dollars.  After the Times made such a big deal, they reinstated the Credit Card.  I was elated.  Furthermore, if I know United States of America, people are crying and sending money to her right now.  The old women stated she would use the Credit Card to take a trip to Mexico.  I said let them close the account. Mexico is too much for the elderly, unless they have a companion.  Actually, I said open the account.  I had a wonderful time in Cancun, Mexico.  I enjoyed Water jetting, snorkeling, the night life could have been better, or I did not know where to go for a Very good Time. Time.

I like embellishing when I blog.  I don’t pretend or make up many stories, but today, I felt like telling a lie.  I am writing because I am nervous about starting my E-commerce Web Site.  I wrote a Three Hundred Page Essay, in three sections labeled Expressions & Word Themes of Love, Peace and Harmony.  Each theme supports and buttress one another, yet each theme stands alone.  It took me Three years to write, rewrite, review and revise each theme.  I purchased two editing and proof reading tools to help me proof read my work.  I read each theme twice, one theme I read three times and my editing tool can still find errors.  I purchased the tool for the purpose of finding all mistakes.  It does a good job.  I think it is One of the best on the Internet market, but I will search as soon as I am finished here. 

To release and relieve stress and tension, I play chess online.  I have a number of computer games and I am affiliated with several online Professional games, polling activities and trivia, through a web site named Braingle.com.  This web site have a number of Trivia games, Quizzes, word, board, and mental games.  I played a game named "Werewolf."   In the WW game, there are two groups, the human and the WW.  The humans must shoot the WW and the WW’s must eat the humans.  The game is evenly matched with a team of wolves and humans.  The moderator gives clues to help determine Who’s Who.  From the clues everyone discuss who might be a WW in the day, and the WW discuss who will be eaten at night.  The wws know the humans, but the humans don’t know the wws.  This is where the game gets complicated or the action is at hand.  Everyone Votes and Discuss to determine the outcome.  I was voted out and shot before I could explain.  I was so mad. I wanted to play longer.  I could not play.  I had work to do.  If you get a chance http:\\www.braingle.com   The second site, if you ever wanted to ask America a question, but did not know how to Create a Poll  at http:\\www.buzzdash.com 

Well, I have to go now.  I am happy we had some time together.  I’ll be back soon.  I wanted to release the tension and stress, because I had so much trouble on my mind, but now it’s all gone.

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  • Finally, My Editing program is up running yet  I would never swear to its, so called operable functionality.  I will look at it in a few moments.  Uh, you see the picture of my loved Shih Tzu, I thought to bring Maxim out with me today, just so he can see what’s going on, ha?  I am just trying out the features on My Space.  His picture is too dark.  I must try out the photo equipment software I have stored, remove this photo and replace it with a brighter photo, so you all can see Maxim Whoo Shin, woo shin.

The little bugger has taken over my life and food.  He wont eat Dog Food.  It’s driving me batty.  The best, the worse, he will not eat.  With rice added, he might eat a little.  It takes so much out of me, time effort, who knew?

  • One would believe that I have all the time in the world, but I am at the end of my Project.  I might have finished had my proofing tool not went on the blink.  I asked the company why not create updates like everyone? Instead of turning off the switch when they create new features, add new functionality to improve the program.  Believe me, this editing program has come a long way, I watched them for three years.  Now, boasting blogs, search engines, English Lessons, their editing tool is outstanding, especially, for people who may have difficulty with English Composition.  The editor floats along with you as your writing catching all grammatical errors, usage and spelling errors, providing alternatives to sentences that can stand a suggest, but when it comes to English Usage its on the ball.  They catch mistakes, we carelessly make when  trying to write, getting the information on paper.  Well, enough of the editing tool, which I absolutely adore. 

I can start proof reading again.  This is the last proofing, checking for all grammar errors, spelling and punctuation.  After this last proof reading, my essays will read well, provide information and inspire all who read them.  I look forward to building the web site, which is almost completed.

  • Boarders, pictures, no sound and nice fonts were my idea of a comforting Web Site and colors.  I used soft, smoke like colors. No browns, reds or blacks, I used the color green and Olive.   How do you use smoke like colors?  You envision the colors as smoke, clouds, well, you can draw clouds.  Not really smoke.  Colors that immediately begin calming  and relaxing your mind.  Nothing bright, shocking or extreme, nothing racy or too brilliant or colors that take you aback, when the site opens.  I used colors  to fuse with your immediate  psychic, immediately.  The first layer of  human acknowledgment, the first time or when humans open their intellectual door or when humans encounter awareness, the mind adjusts to the environment. 

"Yes, the mind adapts to the environmental shade and lighting of my Web Site, soothes my readers emotionally and mentally, readying my readers for an odyssey, an excursion of their Soul and their Spirit.  An excursion of the human Soul, reveals, No, an excursion of the human Soul informs our Readers. No, an excursion into the human Soul in my essay, the theme of comforting peace, demonstrates the use of the human soul in practical terms.  Our excursion into the soul discusses how the Soul comes into being, what is the human soul and how the soul is used to enhance, build or destroy life? "

My essays, a new paradigm for human growth and development of the Soul and Spirit  teach life on new terms, our own terms yet in a new and exciting light of life.  Our Paradigm teaches human perfection of thoughts, feelings and behavior, all in a neat package in preparation for living on your own terms, yet in accordance with society, nature and don’t forget your political economic  system. 

"Well, we must leave. I hope to return in a day or two.  I hope never to leave my blog too long.  I want to share my beginnings with you, from my perspective, as a little girl.  Now, this is going to be interesting, a real blog, a real diary entry a true  prologue.  See you soon.  "The way we begin." I will leave Maxim home, his ears are too innocent for this tale."

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