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It was easier for me today.  I really didn’t want cigarettes, yet  I had a few available dollars,  so I purchased a few loose Newport cigarettes.   It was around 11″30 AM when I dashed outside to the store, ran up stairs, sat down in front of the television to lite my first cigarette for the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  I smoked my second cigarette around 2:30 that afternoon.  And, finally the last cigarette was lite, clipped and relit around 5:30 PM. 

It wasn’t until 6:00PM that  Richard arrived home with a fresh pack of Newport cigarettes, which I had my fourth cigarette, clipped it, walked Maxium, our Shih Tzu, returning home to finish my clip that I realized my cigarette habit was finally, diminishing.  Now at 7:00 PM my cigarette consumption had dwindled down to four.  My normal cigarette intake for a day found an excess of 12 or 15 cigarettes smoked and counting. 

Consider the information given you in earlier posts, I’ve shared with you how I use to buy cigarettes from the Indian Reservation, four cartons per month, twenty cigarettes per pack, ten packs per carton, a sum of fears totalling  800 cigarettes per month consumed between two people and a few cigarette bummer.  I figure ten smokes per day is still much…  Me a smoker more than half my existence. 

A few things I will never do in this blog:  Lie about my daily cigarette consumption, tell you bloggers I have quit while still smoking.  I figure if anyone is reading my blog I will give them a fair and honest shake.  It will come to pass when I don’t have any cigarettes.  At that time, I will need the support of my blog.  Using my blog to describe how I feel, what I want to do about having no cigarettes, why am I still thinking about smoking.  Do I have enough gum.  Finding something to do to take my mind off wanting to smoke. 

Sharing these feelings, the anxiety, the stress, just might help another smoker somewhere in the world end his/her addiction to cigarettes.  This is crunch time people I will share with my readers, if any,  how not smoking and wanting to smoke affects my psychic and my emotional state of being.  All the fun, and comedic remarks will cease to exist.       

We cigarette consumers who would like to join the “Unhooked Generations” need all the support we can get.  Secondly, I’d rather cut down the number of cigarettes I smoke than go cold turkey, ending up in a hospital for a high blood pressure attack,  a stress attack, an anxiety attack or worst a stroke…  Eventually, I will  consult a doctor about quitting…   but first, I’d like to give quitting a chance.  I don’t want to take medication of any kind to quit smoking.  Perhaps, some gum or perhaps, the patch might work, might cut my cravings for Nico. 

remember, if you cannot break your cigarette habit all at once (cold turkey), try it my way.  Slow down, count how many cigarettes you smoke in a  matter of hours or within one hour.  I can hear the aahs and oohs and the “I don’t smoke more than one cigarette within an hours time.  You might not and excuse me.  I didn’t mean to imply your addicted to Nicotine, or you’re a chain smoker?  Just be more aware of how many cigarettes you smoke, and cut down.  I am counting my cigarette breaks…

I’ll give myself the chance…

Thanks for listening tonight.  Talk with you guys tomorrow…

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Tired, I am going to bed. Look forward to this day without Cigarettes… A new beginning. A day on my father’s & mother’s planet without cigarettes. How is quitting working out for You?   I have finished my last cigarettes, have no money to buy a pack.  That’s That…

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