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February 10,2011

For two weeks, I had given up smoking cigarettes.  I just felt compelled to not have another cigarette. I stopped.  It was refreshing to wake up in the morning and not include cigarettes in my daily To-Dos check list. 

What I remember most of that time was the extra- time involved in a smokers‘ lives.   The number of cigarette breaks smokers take at their jobs.  For two weeks, I didn’t engage in this behavior.  

My clothes didn’t smell of smoke.  My breath didn’t smell of smoke.  I didn’t have any clipped cigarette butts in an open cigarette pack, which always made my pocketbook smell like a burning building.  

During the course of the day, my breath was so very fresh.  I could breathe easily and the air fresh, even for New York City… 

Those of you who do smoke, please don’t  tell the non-smokers, we carry around extra burdens in life, which are unnecessary and leads us to a faster death.  The burden of having money to buy Cigarettes, lifted.  The burden of running to the nearest store, to buy Cigarettes, lifted.  Leaving the workplace before regularly scheduled breaks, lifted.  Ashes all around the apartment, my office desk, cigarette butts scattered around, the burden of cleaning up cigarette messes, too a burden. 

Those two weeks, I had come to enjoy and live in a smokeless world, aside from the notorious second-hand smoke, which is quite problematic was a complete and utter joy. 

Cutting back  the amount of cigarettes I smoke in the course of a day, week or month  is the option that will work best.   I don’t know what happened to make me put the cigarettes down, but I pray it will happen again. 

So for now, I will cut back, smoke less, buy less, bum less or not at all.  Cigarettes are too costly to ask people.   This behavior will lend itself to my quitting a forty-year old habit.

Thanks for listening.  I will talk with you again, tomorrow.


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