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 Fridays’ the best day of the week, I believe whole heartedly.  Looking forward to this day without many cigarettes to smoke, I showered, dressed, made and drank a cup of coffee, walked my Shih Tzu.  Caught the 10:40 AM train into Manhattan and was on my way home within the hour.

It’s fun when quitting or cutting back negative behavior how everything reminds you of Cigarettes.  This is only because I could go to the bathroom without a butt.  When I existed the train, I smoked a cigarette.  When I got out of the shower I had to have a cigarette. 

 Today, I took my time, even though the nicotine psychic has powerful tentacles.  And, she pulls hard against the winds of your psychic, telling you not to smoke.  You believe you can travel into Manhattan, back to Queens, without one cigarette. You bring one cigarette for emergencies or when the tides pool against you, but if the tides don’t pool against, the trade winds of New Yorker’s do, blowing their cigarette smoke in your face and mouth. 

Quitting is a hard game, but it’s not a game.  No game when you wake up  mornings, your throat burns until you have to douse it with water to relieve the back of your throat. 

I am and have cut back my cigarette consumption.  

                   Five cigarettes smoked on this Friday, so far!

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