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If I consider the number of cigarettes smoked the year 2010, 2009, 2008 back to 2002, my cigarette consumption decreased ten folds. But, that means nothing when you’re still lighting up, puffing and inhaling nicotine. It just makes no sense to smoke. Then why do I continue to smoke cigarettes, Newports or any brand if desparate? One shouldn’t look a Gift Horse in the mouth, I am grateful for the seven cigarettes instead of twelve, eleven or even ten cigarettes. Thank God, the United States Congress passed the law prohibiting unlevied cigarettes sold in America by the Indian Reservations. Four months ago, I was ready to picket Congress.
Today, I feel differently.

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 Fridays’ the best day of the week, I believe whole heartedly.  Looking forward to this day without many cigarettes to smoke, I showered, dressed, made and drank a cup of coffee, walked my Shih Tzu.  Caught the 10:40 AM train into Manhattan and was on my way home within the hour.

It’s fun when quitting or cutting back negative behavior how everything reminds you of Cigarettes.  This is only because I could go to the bathroom without a butt.  When I existed the train, I smoked a cigarette.  When I got out of the shower I had to have a cigarette. 

 Today, I took my time, even though the nicotine psychic has powerful tentacles.  And, she pulls hard against the winds of your psychic, telling you not to smoke.  You believe you can travel into Manhattan, back to Queens, without one cigarette. You bring one cigarette for emergencies or when the tides pool against you, but if the tides don’t pool against, the trade winds of New Yorker’s do, blowing their cigarette smoke in your face and mouth. 

Quitting is a hard game, but it’s not a game.  No game when you wake up  mornings, your throat burns until you have to douse it with water to relieve the back of your throat. 

I am and have cut back my cigarette consumption.  

                   Five cigarettes smoked on this Friday, so far!

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February 10,2011

For two weeks, I had given up smoking cigarettes.  I just felt compelled to not have another cigarette. I stopped.  It was refreshing to wake up in the morning and not include cigarettes in my daily To-Dos check list. 

What I remember most of that time was the extra- time involved in a smokers‘ lives.   The number of cigarette breaks smokers take at their jobs.  For two weeks, I didn’t engage in this behavior.  

My clothes didn’t smell of smoke.  My breath didn’t smell of smoke.  I didn’t have any clipped cigarette butts in an open cigarette pack, which always made my pocketbook smell like a burning building.  

During the course of the day, my breath was so very fresh.  I could breathe easily and the air fresh, even for New York City… 

Those of you who do smoke, please don’t  tell the non-smokers, we carry around extra burdens in life, which are unnecessary and leads us to a faster death.  The burden of having money to buy Cigarettes, lifted.  The burden of running to the nearest store, to buy Cigarettes, lifted.  Leaving the workplace before regularly scheduled breaks, lifted.  Ashes all around the apartment, my office desk, cigarette butts scattered around, the burden of cleaning up cigarette messes, too a burden. 

Those two weeks, I had come to enjoy and live in a smokeless world, aside from the notorious second-hand smoke, which is quite problematic was a complete and utter joy. 

Cutting back  the amount of cigarettes I smoke in the course of a day, week or month  is the option that will work best.   I don’t know what happened to make me put the cigarettes down, but I pray it will happen again. 

So for now, I will cut back, smoke less, buy less, bum less or not at all.  Cigarettes are too costly to ask people.   This behavior will lend itself to my quitting a forty-year old habit.

Thanks for listening.  I will talk with you again, tomorrow.


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It was easier for me today.  I really didn’t want cigarettes, yet  I had a few available dollars,  so I purchased a few loose Newport cigarettes.   It was around 11″30 AM when I dashed outside to the store, ran up stairs, sat down in front of the television to lite my first cigarette for the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  I smoked my second cigarette around 2:30 that afternoon.  And, finally the last cigarette was lite, clipped and relit around 5:30 PM. 

It wasn’t until 6:00PM that  Richard arrived home with a fresh pack of Newport cigarettes, which I had my fourth cigarette, clipped it, walked Maxium, our Shih Tzu, returning home to finish my clip that I realized my cigarette habit was finally, diminishing.  Now at 7:00 PM my cigarette consumption had dwindled down to four.  My normal cigarette intake for a day found an excess of 12 or 15 cigarettes smoked and counting. 

Consider the information given you in earlier posts, I’ve shared with you how I use to buy cigarettes from the Indian Reservation, four cartons per month, twenty cigarettes per pack, ten packs per carton, a sum of fears totalling  800 cigarettes per month consumed between two people and a few cigarette bummer.  I figure ten smokes per day is still much…  Me a smoker more than half my existence. 

A few things I will never do in this blog:  Lie about my daily cigarette consumption, tell you bloggers I have quit while still smoking.  I figure if anyone is reading my blog I will give them a fair and honest shake.  It will come to pass when I don’t have any cigarettes.  At that time, I will need the support of my blog.  Using my blog to describe how I feel, what I want to do about having no cigarettes, why am I still thinking about smoking.  Do I have enough gum.  Finding something to do to take my mind off wanting to smoke. 

Sharing these feelings, the anxiety, the stress, just might help another smoker somewhere in the world end his/her addiction to cigarettes.  This is crunch time people I will share with my readers, if any,  how not smoking and wanting to smoke affects my psychic and my emotional state of being.  All the fun, and comedic remarks will cease to exist.       

We cigarette consumers who would like to join the “Unhooked Generations” need all the support we can get.  Secondly, I’d rather cut down the number of cigarettes I smoke than go cold turkey, ending up in a hospital for a high blood pressure attack,  a stress attack, an anxiety attack or worst a stroke…  Eventually, I will  consult a doctor about quitting…   but first, I’d like to give quitting a chance.  I don’t want to take medication of any kind to quit smoking.  Perhaps, some gum or perhaps, the patch might work, might cut my cravings for Nico. 

remember, if you cannot break your cigarette habit all at once (cold turkey), try it my way.  Slow down, count how many cigarettes you smoke in a  matter of hours or within one hour.  I can hear the aahs and oohs and the “I don’t smoke more than one cigarette within an hours time.  You might not and excuse me.  I didn’t mean to imply your addicted to Nicotine, or you’re a chain smoker?  Just be more aware of how many cigarettes you smoke, and cut down.  I am counting my cigarette breaks…

I’ll give myself the chance…

Thanks for listening tonight.  Talk with you guys tomorrow…

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Tired, I am going to bed. Look forward to this day without Cigarettes… A new beginning. A day on my father’s & mother’s planet without cigarettes. How is quitting working out for You?   I have finished my last cigarettes, have no money to buy a pack.  That’s That…

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Woke in a farely good mood, as usual. I prepare for Monday, even though I am not employed, Mondays are still considered a work day, in my unpublished book. My week beginnings, begin on Monday. Went through my regular day, paid bills and went to my program. I woke with three cigarettes. I gave Richard one and later bought some loose cigarettes, but all in all, I smoked five or six cigarettes for the entire day. I am definitely proud of my small yet long-time successful effort.

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Waking pass noon, cannot count as not having a smoke for half a day. I woke with the same pack of cigarettes I had the following evening. My significant other and I smoked, finishing the pack around 10:30 Sunday evening. My weakness for cigarettes prevented me from going to bed without a few butts by my side, so I went to the store before it closed at 11:00pm and purchased a few loose cigarette. No, I didn’t buy the pack. This is the Start of Something Good.
I didn’t buy a pack!

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As I am writing, I thought to take a break, get a glass of soda and I automatically reached for my pack of cigarettes and lit one up. Not doing so well, but remember its the last pack.

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The next few post will  follow my attempt to quit Smoking. Most of my late youth and adult life found me smoking daily. Now its time to stop!   

Cigarettes were always available, too available.  Before I begin, a count down to the day I stop, I must  tell you the story of how I began smoking. 

A sort of countdown is  necessary.  At this very moment I have one pack of cigarettes and hardly any money to buy.  In my neighborhood, cigarettes can cost anywhere between $12.75, $11.75, $11.50 to $8.00.  If I am lucky, I will buy the latter, yielding the greatest discount.   

I love long journeys.  A long bus ride to Chicago, California or Texas is one of  the greatest enjoyment of travelling.  Well, as a youngster, I didn’t go on many family outings.  We went to PA a few times, travelling by car and I think I enjoyed the long  journey. 

Riding in cars,  when I was young, were great experiences.   I enjoyed leaving my home to go anywhere.  It was the smoking that went on during the actual car ride that annoyed and bothered me.  My aunt smoked and smoked in the car, so on most trips  In the car with the windows closed, without fresh air, I  practically suffocated from cigarette smoke.   Today, they consider this “second-hand smoke.  

 I believe I was one of the first human being to  feel the effects of second-hand smoke.  I  hated sitting in the back of the car, unable to open the windows to let out the smoke.  My aunt would actually become annoyed  if I tried to open the windows.  Sometimes, she would try to hit me for opening a window.  That was my second Smoking encounter.  My mom smoked, so I am sure I experienced second-hand smoke escapades.  I just  don’t recall the harsh effects of her smoking.  She wasn’t home much.  She was building and operating  her business (cab stand). 

 My mother’s smoking was my first encounter with smoking.

The third encounter which lead to a life-time of smoking  was ” The found Cigarettes.” 

 I found my mother’s very  last pack of cigarettes she had planned to smoke, but never got the chance.  she had purchased  a pack of cigarettes her very last night on this earth.  You see, my mother, “murdered” because of Alcohol, cigarettes and adultery.   

Murdered by her employee one night in 1966, March 17, she had her last  pack of cigarettes  in her pocketbook  on the night she died.  Her sister, my aunt wrapped the cigarettes in a hankie, placing the cigarettes in hankie, in the dresser of draws, in my mother’s bedroom.  

Her Death:

 My mother had  played Bingo earlier this evening, realizing she didn’t have her car registration, she panic knowing she  loaned her car to one of the cab drivers, she panicked.  My mother called her brother-in-law to help her find the cab driver.  Her  brother- in law,  working at the cab stand, picked my mother up from home.  Together they searched the immediate area until they found the driver who had someone in the car, drinking and smoking all of which annoyed my mom or perhaps it was jealousy.  

 The story was told to me this way:

After she and my uncle located her car, the driver attempted to explain why he wasn’t working and why he was sitting in the car on Supthin boulevard, in front of Kitchen corners, a neighborhood bar with a women in her car. 

An argument ensued.  There was screaming and yelling.  Foul language uttered.  A scuffle broke out between my mom and the driver, her boyfriend at the time. 

 My father died in July 1963. 

I don’t remember my mother ever being with anyone other than my father.  Except one night, my mom had gentlemen company.  When my mom had company or gave a party, her attention, divided, accordance loaned itself to my desires.  I could have the candy she guarded close at other times.  It was the milk chocolate, Nestle candy bar that made me  remember her entertaining male company.  It was innocent at that time.   I never saw him again.  He was  accused of killing my mom, or inducing the  heart attack that took her life.

The “found” pack of Camels:

Second-hand smoke works strangely.  One would think a murder,  exposure to second-hand smoke, warnings from the Surgeon General would advert a smoking habit.   This behavior demonstrates mental retardation.

Home alone:

I searched through my mothers dresser of draws, frantically like I had lost something.  I always wanted more information about the death of my mother.  A reason explaining why “the Man” responsible for inducing her heart attack never spent one day in jail.  Had society lost its mental capacity to arrest this man for killing my mom.  Instead of find an explanation, I found cigarettes, and I stole them out of the draw, smoking every last one.  

  I smoked, sporadically until I reached the age of 13.  At  the age of 13, I learned I had a habit.  Imagine, at the tender age of 13, I had a full-fledged Cigarette habit with a discriminating taste for a particular cigarette brand.   

Powers That Be

This is my last chance to Quit.  The decision to stop, made  for me by the Cigarettes manufacturers.  No longer able to afford to smokes helps with the decision to stop.  Before Congress passed a law prohibiting Indian Reservations from selling cheap, cheaper, some of the cheapest cigarettes in the United States, I would buy four cartons of “SkyDancer” menthol from the Reservation, every month.  Richard and I smoked four hundred cigarettes every month for less than One Hundred & fifty dollars.  Now, to smoke every day, one pack per day, per week, per month costs more than two hundred and eighty dollars per month.   

Powers that Are

Community grocery stores, knowing the plight of  the consumer who smokes, sell loose cigarettes at a discount.  Three loose cigarettes for two dollars.  The smokers are grateful to our grocers for understanding.  Our grocers manage to keep the cost of cigarettes at a minimum, $11.75 per pack.  A Teamo or any Smoke shop will cost the average consumer $15.00 per pack of Marlboro lights or Newport. 

A Political Take

Our government shows  concern for  the health of its citizens.  Even though, the government is giving up over two billion dollars in taxes, it won’t receive from its smoking populace, the government will eventually have a smoke free nation.  Health care costs, cut.  Health issues related to smoking, cut.  Second-hand smoking effects, cut.  Recycling  cost for cigarette packaging, cut.

Win, Win

I can only win if I stop smoking.  I know I will cut down considerably before I actually stop altogether,  It will be great to breath in  fresh again.  I will only ask my fellow smoker not to blow your smoke in my face as I pass by.  You all know who you are.  I cutting down until I stop. 

You can catch my daily, weekly or monthly post:  

Adventures of  a Spirited life or the Adventures of my daily life.  See you there!

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Been missing feelings of expression, sharing and the written laughter that secretly comes with creating a Blog.  I  did enjoy blogging before I became MIA, but as life would dictate other matters took precedence over my blogging.  But, I am back now and I plan to stay.  So, ready or not, I come to the World of Blogging with no desperate medical story; I am not asking anyone to buy sometime, even though your mortal lives might depend on my Themes of Love, Peace and Harmony; I do, but I don’t have the secrets for the perfect love life, the perfect   sexual mate, or the perfect chocolate souffle.  Me, me, and more of me on a daily basis.  Sharing, laughing no crying, just the purest honest and most sincere self-centered showcase of my life and existence. 

Hope You’re Down!

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