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Woke in a farely good mood, as usual. I prepare for Monday, even though I am not employed, Mondays are still considered a work day, in my unpublished book. My week beginnings, begin on Monday. Went through my regular day, paid bills and went to my program. I woke with three cigarettes. I gave Richard one and later bought some loose cigarettes, but all in all, I smoked five or six cigarettes for the entire day. I am definitely proud of my small yet long-time successful effort.


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Waking pass noon, cannot count as not having a smoke for half a day. I woke with the same pack of cigarettes I had the following evening. My significant other and I smoked, finishing the pack around 10:30 Sunday evening. My weakness for cigarettes prevented me from going to bed without a few butts by my side, so I went to the store before it closed at 11:00pm and purchased a few loose cigarette. No, I didn’t buy the pack. This is the Start of Something Good.
I didn’t buy a pack!

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